Kanishka Mohit Arora

I have found Shilpa to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition & diet. I consult Shilpa on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my husband. I trust her advice. Thanks to Shilpa, who has made me realize the importance of having healthy food, and since then our lifestyle has been changed drastically.

Riya Samrat

Shilpa is not only a fantastic dietician who totally understands all your needs and moods but also is a wonderful friend who is always available no matter the day or time to revert back to any questions and always helps in a positive way! She taught me to enjoy every bit of whatever I eat & be positive about losing weight. I have had an amazing weight loss journey under the guidance of Shilpa.

Mehak Kalra

Shilpa’s diet is as unique as her. I had gained too much weight and was looking for an easy diet plan that I can follow for a long time. With her diet, losing weight has become very easy with self-discipline and mindful eating under her encouragement. She is highly dedicated which will motivate you more on weight loss goals. The best dietician that anyone could have, very professional way of approach.


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